Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Button Stamp

What an excellent idea!

Button Stamp How-To :

1. Select buttons with raised surfaces and distinct patterns -- fluted edges, stars, flowers, cat's eyes, and pinwheels. With white craft glue, mount buttons on wine or craft corks; if possible, use a cork narrower than the button so you can see to position the stamp accurately. Buy already inked stamp pads in several colors from your stationer. Uncoated papers are most receptive to the ink. Since buttons are rigid, you'll get the best image by laying paper over a piece of felt or a stack of folded paper towels before stamping. Press button into pad, then stamp, rocking it gently; this ensures a complete edge.
2. Wipe the stamp clean on a damp sponge between impressions. Try layering some of the simpler images for enhanced effect.

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