Thursday, January 22, 2009

Valentine's Day Cards

Glue two decorative hearts (one larger than the other) together, or sew together along the center for a quick card. Just buy decorative papers with romantic designs for a simple yet affectionate greeting.

Card 1: Stitch On Lovely Hearts
For a hand-stitched look, poke tiny holes in folded hearts and thread waxed twine through them while sewing onto a piece of pretty card stock.

Card 2: Create the Cummerbund Effect
To make the cummerbund effect, fold tissue paper accordion-style, wrap it around the front flap of the card, and secure it in back with double-stick tape. Finish with ribbon and a tag.

Give hugs and kisses to someone you love by making this simple card. Just cut or punc
h out a heart from pretty pink paper and glue it on white card stock. Punch a hole at the top of two pieces of card stock, then slip a ribbon through each to hold them together. Write a note to someone you care about on the inside of the card.

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