Thursday, February 12, 2009

Lawsuit: Martha Stewart Dishes Not Microwave Safe

Last December I purchased a Martha Stewart Dinnerware. I really liked it.... the color.... the design .... the price.

It was dishwasher safe ....Great!

And about microwave safe? I checked at the bottom of the pieces : "The pieces could be hot if used in microwave" .


But anyway I decided for Martha Stewart brand , and I'm really disappointed.

About microwave safe ......well the pieces don't get hot, they get OVERHEATED and the food and drinks remain cold. I burned my hand and my sister and sister -in-law too .

Unfortunately I can't returned to the store ( I don't have the receipt) , Martha Stewart products customers service called me to tell it's not to use in microwave( so why they are not clear about "no microwave safe" on the bottom of the pieces?).

Checking online I realized more people are having problems. A class action lawsuit has been filed against Matha Stewart alleging a Dinnerware line gets extremely hot if used in a microwave and can cause burns to skin and table tops. Read more here
This product needs to be off the market before someone gets seriously hurt!

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