Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Durigan Wine - The Best From Brazil

Saturday night I opened my bottle of Rose wine from Brazil. My husband is a expert wine person and I was so excited to hear his opinion. I’ve been living in USA for 8 years and I never ever tasted a wine like Durigan from Curitiba city of Brazil . I use to celebrate every single and simple moment with my husband. Every occasion is especial for us when we achieve our goals. The wine tasted so good and it made me to remember my best friends in Brazil. We used to go to Pamphylia restaurant on the weekends to have Beef Strouganoff Soup and a cup of wine. Actually I don’t eat meat anymore but the Strouganoff Soup it was really delicious.

Thank to my brother Renato and my sister-in-law Gina for the wine you sent to us! husband loved the wine !

Curitiba is nationwide known as one of the capitals with the highest life quality standards and as well as the ecological capital of Brazil. It is covered with beautiful parks you can reach using the efficient and organized transportation .For more information about Curitiba check :

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