Friday, April 3, 2009

Seashell decorations

Seaside Elegance
If you want to add a subtle touch of the ocean to the bathroom, shells are the perfect accessory. This bowl of pretty neutral shells displayed on the bathroom's exposed shelf looks simple, classic, and clean.

Seeing Shells
Purchased for about $5 at a crafts store, this oval mirror already had holes for a ribbon hanger. Clamshells are ideal for this project because they are flat. Smaller shells add interest and fill in empty spots.
How to Make It: 1. First, lay out your shell arrangement. 2. Glue clamshells around the edge using maximum-strength epoxy. 3. Add smaller shells to complete the design and fill in any gaps.

Bucket of Shells
An ordinary clay pot becomes a pretty bath accent with shell embellishments. Fill your pot with hand towels, soaps, and lotions for spalike pampering any time you choose.
How to Make It: 1. Paint a medium-size clay pot in a desired color. 2. Cover the rim with shells using maximum-strength epoxy. 3. To give the shells a pearly finish, brush on a thin coat of pearl acrylic paint

Sea Shell Drawer Pulls
You don't need a beach house to enjoy this cottage-style dresser. Shell pulls add a touch of whimsy and interest to an ordinary dresser.
How to Make It: 1. Paint a chest of drawers soft white. 2. Using maximum-strength epoxy, adhere shells to flat drawer pulls. 3. Choose shells with flat surfaces at least as large as those on the pulls for good adhesion.

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