Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Flower for Easter

This week I got together with Georgia and Ella (5 years old twins I babysit) and we had fun with this activity.This is an easy and cheaper craft to make for Easter.

all colors of food coloring
wide shallow bowl
coffee filters
paper cups
hot-glue gun


1.Pour water with few drops of food colors into wide, shallow bowls.

2. Dye a few filters completely green (for leaf) .

3.Dip the open end of a large stack in diferent colors and let it  dry.

4.Paint  cups with food coloring mixture (interior and exterior)

5.Separate dyed filters when dry. Fold in a half and cut into a petals shape.

6.Cut green filters into leaf shapes .

7.Glue green leaves to underside of filter.Glue cup  to center of filter.

Put jelly beans in a cup and decorate your table !

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