Monday, September 1, 2008


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I'm from Brazil and I've been living in Burlingame ,California , for about 7 years . Great place to live , located just 15 minutes from downtown San Francisco, the City of Burlingame has many Bee-utiful hotels , shops , parks and restaurants . And about the weather? The excelent weather year - round, makes me to remenber Curitiba , city of Brazil . Burlingame is know as "The City of Tree", and I didn't know, but most properties have trees owned and protected by the city on their public right of way.Most people say it's really expensive to live in this area but I would not choose other city to live . I enjoy just going for walk around Burlingame Av. or stopping by Starbuck to get a White Chocolate Mooca (my favorite coffe). In my opinion , the numerous "free" events in Burlingame as Shakespeare in the park, Sunday afternoom concerts, family move night, have made the city unique.

Are you planning to visit San Francisco Bay area?
The City of Burlingame is a significant spot for people wishing to visit San Francisco Bay area .

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