Saturday, September 6, 2008

* San Mateo * entertainments

Saturday night we decided to go out for dinner .
At 6:30pm we get at Acquapazza restaurant . It's a new Italian restaurant in San Mateo , no fancy, but expensive. We didn't wait for a table, and the waiter didn't take so long to bring our order. I ordered a Salmone Positano (I really wanted gnocchi, but they didn't have ) and Johnny ordered Lazanha and for drink diet coke and beer. Total we expended $37.87, too expensive for the portion and poor food presentation they served . I wouldn't go back there again. After dinner we went to movie theater to watch Death Race. I'm not really into violent movie but it's a pretty action pack movie from start to finish. Jason Statham is really hot and the racing scenes where out of this world!!!

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